Maybe Sunday – A lively Streetwear Collection

all of us requirement something to bring up the mood if under the weather. lucky for you, I have discovered Jason Guo, as well as his colourful streetwear collection “Maybe Sunday”.
Originally from Ottawa, the fun duo, Guo as well as his business partner Makenzie Thompson, integrate their art as well as style background into making an eye catching streetwear line with vibrant graphic prints. prints that function yummy gummy bears, blue skies with idyllic white puffy clouds or juicy lemons. I discover this collection perfect for a Sunday fun Day celebration: vibrant colors, a positive vibe as well as graphics with a twist.
While they are able to create the very first pieces themselves, they just recently ended a successful Kickstarter campaign which assisted them raise over 12.000$. now they create only t-shirts, scarves as well as snapcaps, however with the money they raised, they will broaden their streetwear collection to include new products such as crop tops, trousers as well as socks.
For that lovely Sunday fun Day celebration, you can discover the perhaps Sunday here.
Maybe Sunday – A lively streetwear collection
If Michelangelo used t-shirts, he would wear this too.
When life provides you lemons, you are so grateful you make a tee shirts to celebrate.
Each night, gummy bears will wait on you in the store as well as shed gummy tears.

When you get out of a club, you can have a full sensorial experience.
put this on as well as blend in the grocery store!

You can actually be the sweetest person in the room. Guys, girls, dogs, bees will all be attacted to you.

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