Bread & Butter design exhibition – Berlin 2011

It struck our hearing that soon there will be an crucial event in Berlin, and you know how we like such events, because it’s in our nature to. So, the ground policy is that we check about every little thing concerning this field. about the Bread and Butter design exhibition, what can we say, it has been hosted in time by several crucial cities in the world, among which we mention NY, Barcelona. This time, we will talk about the Berlin edition.
The best thing about the fest is that it hosts a lot of crucial brands, and I indicate crucial brands! Who? look here! and these are only a few of them!
brands (1)brands (2)design exhibitionsThe B&B design exhibition will be happening Wednesday, 06th July – Friday, 08th July 2011.
If you want to know a lot more about checking in and hotels please visit this link, because it supplies all the info that you need in buy to make your trip comfy and nice. the best thing about this is that one can learn a few things or two about the best brands in the business, and this is no little thing, in our opinion.
If you are a designer wanting to exhibit you must know that in buy to do this you need to at first send some info to the people behind the scene, this info being:
Images of the collection
Company profile
Brand profile
Brand management, positioning (price range, P.O.S., marketing activities etc.)
Press kit, press clippings

The visitors also must register online before pertaining to the design exhibition.

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