Miles to Go favorite t-shirts !

There are three new t-shirt designs at Miles to Go – Don Quixote, perks of being a wallflower and The Masque of the Red death – and I think that is a good enough reason to show them to you and add some personal favorites to that, as well. Miles to Go favorite t-shirts ! some of them were launched back in January so they are actually rather fresh. Take this as a really good occasion to get acquainted with a very passionate designer and poetry writer that creates the graphics for his t-shirts based on crucial elements of popular novels, or simply plays around with their titles.
Here are some of them that I really love, from this wintertime collection and if you got curious about all his t-shirts, go here. You can also find iphone cases, wallets, posters, music and a book of poetry. A genuinely matured artist.
Perks of being a wallflowerMasque of the Red DeathMedusaPromises to keepDon QuixoteThe GunslingerTime MachineThe RavenDracula

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