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So this is from the new Garnet hill catalog, from which I buy something once every three or so years, and from whom I receive a catalog roughly every three weeks. (I really, really need to get off some mailing lists.)

But it’s also the kind of thing I’m thinking about for fall (more on that anon, if by “anon” you mean “in a few days, or maybe next week”). A deep-toned floral print, able to be worn alone or with a cardigan into early October, and then right on through November with tights (although I don’t like the black tights they show with this; I’d want maroon or a deep rose, or maybe even camel, except that every time I wear camel-colored tights I think that someone, somewhere, is going to think I have a very, very odd tan).

This would be adorable with loafers, and also with grannyish ankle boots, and even with lace-up oxfords, and flamboyantly gorgeous with a brown suede three-quarter-length coat tossed over it. (A coat WHICH I just happen to have, incidentally. and which I do not wear nearly as often as I should because it has no pockets, alas.)

Click on the image to visit the Garnet hill site; I think this is about $138, plus shipping. It’s available in up to an 18 (or up to a 14 petite).

A few housekeeping things: I’m thinking about redesigning the blog and perhaps — perhaps, I say — moving to WordPress. Does anyone have any suggestions? I think this would be a loooong-term project, so don’t expect to see a new design next week.

I also missed doing anything for Sept 1, which I think we had tentatively decided would be international dress Day (that is, a day for dresses around the world, not “International Dress” whatever that is). So I think perhaps we should declare September 15 “International wear a dress Day (observed)”. What do you all think? (I did wear a dress yesterday, and I’ll show you the picture of it tomorrow.)

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