dreaming of gowns

What does it mean to dream of a dress? Well, thanks to Zolar’s Encyclopedia and Dictionary of Dreams, you can find out. (Have I mentioned lately how much I adore Google Print?)

receiving a dress: you will be assisted by an unknown manchanging a dress: you will suffer because of your own foolishnesscloset full of dresses: a constant like of social pleasuresdesigning a dress: you will receive a proposition and turn it down (I dream this ALL THE TIME, yet I cannot believe of the last proposition I received)buying a new dress: health and happinessnice dress: efforts will succeedtight dress: you are being unrelenting your manage of otherspurple dress: happy marriage and death of a pal (huh?)a partially sewed dress: you will be disregarded by friendsa dress in a shop window: your aspiration is inspired, follow ittaking off a dress: trust only your own counselsewing up a torn dress: you are neglecting your own childrenwashing a dress: be more economically frugalwearing a daring evening gown : your selfish, presumptive personality lusters (I dream this fairly typically as well. At least I’m a shiny jerk.)someone stepping on the train of your dress: you will have a new like affair

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