ComicCon gown

Allyson sent me a link to this gown that was wandering around the Comic-Con in San Diego. Well, it was being used by this person above, not wandering around on its own (hey, it’s Comic-Con, you never understand …) The WB provided out enormous Smallville promo bags, as well as this enterprising person made a gown out of one (possibly two)! (Here’s one more Smallville-themed bag-dress.)

I’ve never gone to a Comic-Con (not for lack of interest, mind you) as well as now I believe I truly requirement to wrangle an reason to go. Doesn’t anyone requirement a dress-themed on-the-ground report from Comic-Con?

Allyson sending me this gown enables me to do something I’ve been meaning to do for a while, which is rave over her book, will The Vampire people Please Leave the Lobby? (And not just since I’m mentioned in it.) Seriously, when Allyson told me she was working on a book, I believe my very first reaction was a pumped fist in the air, because, not only does Allyson have the very best stories, Allyson is likewise one of the very best People. Allyson is why God made the internet, so you might satisfy people like Allyson. Allyson’s book is “about” Buffy the Vampire Slayer fandom, however what it’s *really* about is exactly how the Web makes it possible to satisfy the long-lost good friends you never understood before. about exactly how neighborhoods arise around the strangest interests, like Buffy, or, you know, dresses.

If you such as this blog, you should most likely say thanks to Allyson (by buying her book, see link above), since without her as well as the people like her (and the people who like her) I wouldn’t have started hanging out online, as well as I wouldn’t have started blogging, as well as I’d spend my time doing whatever it was I did before I blogged. (I can’t even keep in mind what that was … nothing special, I’m sure.)

So thanks Allyson, for the link. as well as for you!

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