Almaic – t-shirt brand with cultural identity

Hussein Al-Baiaty is delighted to share with you the news of his new t-shirt brand ALMAIC, launched a few months back. I am pleased to be part of those people that spread the word about a well-thought, very carefully well established concept of design. t-shirts are strong channels of communication, so creative people will somehow technique this medium at some point. It’s one of the most effective ways to reach as lots of people as possible about your message.
Almaic’s message is about culture, heritage exploration and possibilities. The man behind it, Hussein, comes from Iraq and grew up in Portland, Oregon. Living in two worlds, he eventually developed into the need to express both the spiritual and the physical identity.
At the beginning he enthusiastically created designs on and off and felt the addictive thrill of seeing people wear his graphics on their t-shirts. having studied architecture, graphic design and business, Hussein opened a screen printing shop after finishing college and launched the t-shirt line to offer an outlet for his artwork. Basically, it comes down to sharing the knowledge and art which originated from Iraq. This cultural load is what drove Hussein to bring you these t-shirts, whose concept will best be explained by the man himself:
“The concepts come from a variety of inspirations.  Some from heritage, some from the world we live in. Almaic is something like my questions to the world – the “Fight for Peace” graphic is just that: “How do we fight for peace?”
Alamic tee shirts all have labels and printed tags, 100% supersoft ringspun cotton and are manufactured in the USA and printed in Portland, Oregon. You will also find bamboo glasses, wooden iphone covers and snapbacks and the prices are really decent, in my opinion.
Here are some of my favorite t-shirt designs and expect new material from Almaic sooner than your think, because I am sure the t-shirt brand will be around for a long time. Be sure to follow it on Facebook and Twitter, as well, for updates!
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