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Today we are starting a new section on our blog, called artist of the week. As the name suggests we will feature one artist or a group of artists that made an impact on the graphic industry, or that are up and coming or to whom we took a special liking for subjective but highly justifiable reasons. We will have as guests illustrators, graphic designers, cartoonists, drawers, visual artists and everyone that is an example of art as a way of life with an original weapon of expression. That being said, please welcome our first guests:
Peachbeach illustrators
Peachbeach is a duo of graphic designers and illustrators from Berlin, Germany – Attila Szamosi and Lars Wunderlich. They are passionate about urban art and graffiti illustrations but a lot of of all they are everything about promoting a good party, a drum’n’bass one to be a lot more exact. You will want to have a DnB party just to have them design your marketing materials, they’re that good!
Their portfolios are full of exhibitions, interviews for publications in Germany, France, China, features at events in Germany, Austria and Denmark and many others across their native country. They also mention lots of clients among which we discovered Google, Siemens, Amazon, Dell, Nike and Redbull. This is one excellent portfolio but admiring their works is even a lot more exciting. They have been featured on Threadless, LaFraise, Designbyhumans and so much more. If you won’t get enough of what we show you, feel complimentary to harass their flickr, facebook, twitter and behance accounts. They are worth every minute of your time!

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