Sugar like from De-Je

De-Je is a fresh new tee shirts line that debuted with a variety full of wonderful sugar skulls. They are generally influenced by the La Muerte as well as Day of the Dead event as well as sugar skulls, of course, however they handle to prevent the bleak side of these aspects that we got utilized to. They utilize bright, crazy colors that make all tee shirts truly wonderful as well as wearable by everyone. I’m looking at the site right now as well as I can’t assist however notice exactly how simple, clean as well as individual friendly it is.
And that is not all – you just can’t begin an remarkable line such as this without having a contest to let people understand about you. as well as people should understand about them as well as comply with their development since they are promising. The contest basically needs you to indication up for their newsletter as well as you will get their logo Skull Tattoo which you can take a photo of after putting it on a part of your body (stay decent!) as well as published it on Twitter or Instagram. people are already doing that so join in! Also, inspect out their sneakers, bundle offer as well as Goodies pack – you will feel like a youngster in a candy shop!
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