I’m only happy When It’s complicated

It may just be the crashing head cold I have while writing this (blogging on Dayquil: the package doesn’t say you shouldn’t do it) but this dress seems really appealing right now:

I like this color blue (or is it green?), and the pleats in the skirt, and the odd collar. Not entirely sure how I feel about the descended pocket, but I’m willing to take it under consideration. The whole thing is more than a little Star-Trekky; not in a bad way, in some future star trek universe where Martha Stewart and her heirloom-chicken-egg colors had their way with the petroleum-based fabrics of the future. 

Did I mention I like those skirt pleats? I really do. It’s a complicated dress, and I don’t care how much disheveled hair and leather bracelet and casually.jpgcked grassy/flower things you add to the picture, it’s still going to be complicated. and note that you can’t see any shoes in the picture, I have no idea what you’d wear with these. (Round-toe pumps with a low square heel is my best guess.)

This is one of those dresses, though, that look best on body types that are 80% limb; and, of course, on models who are pogoing up and down for the camera. I know that jumping makes the clothes move and everything look alive, but jeez, it seems a bit hard on the knees. And, really, how much jumping up and down do we do in our day-to-day lives? (Maybe if you’re a game-show contestant? A trampoline tester? Pogo-stick demonstrator?)

It’s for sale. In Australia, although it looks like you can buy it with NZ money, too. speaking of Australia, I’ll be there in December. should we try for a meetup?  

Thanks to Yvonne for the link! 

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