Don’t squeeze the … Bride?

thanks to Kate who sent me the news that low-cost elegant Weddings had declared the winner of their Toilet Paper wedding dress contest. This dress, created by Hanah Kim, won second place, but it’s much more interesting than the first place winner, in my opinion. look at the detail! The rows and rows of ruffling! If you click on the image you can see the back of the dress, which is just as stunning.

The guidelines state that only toilet paper, glue, and tape can be used. My mind, at least, boggles. first off, how did she get the thing on? Secondly, she won $200. Did that even pay for the toilet paper? Also, the contest was sponsored by a company that makes “Just Married” toilet paper. I have to admit I never even thought of carrying my wedding “theme” over to the bathrooms. (In fact, I never even thought of a wedding “theme” — the theme of my wedding, was, in fact, “Wedding.” but then again, this was way back in the paleozoic era; instead of saying “I do,” Mr. DressADay grunted and handed me a haunch of wooly mammoth. very touching. My mother cried.)

The last thing that impressed me is that, in purchase to enter the contest, you (or a member of your immediate family) should be planning a wedding. You’re planning a wedding and have time to make a dress out of toilet paper? Obviously, there are people out there with much better time-management skills than mine.

Do please click on the image to see the other dresses … if you scroll all the way to the bottom you’ll see a link to last year’s entries, too. I hope, in a sick way, that some embryo Bridezilla takes a picture of one of these loo-roll creations to a local seamstress and says “Make me that! Only, do it in silk, please.” That would be hilarious.

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