Such awesome material

Isn’t it, though? I desire this were yardage, however unfortunately it’s a vintage dress. (I state “unfortunately”, since it’s in quite poor shape.) [Thanks to Robin for the link !]

I was unpacking all my material over the weekend as well as even though there’s rather a bit of it, it hasn’t truly sated my fabric-love. I believe having great deals of material really produces a wish for even more fabric, since you begin believing “oh I’d like this weight however in this pattern as well as wouldn’t it be fantastic if …” Lately I’ve desired (and not been able to find):

large (like, 2″) gingham inspect in gray/white

large (like, 4″) red stars on a pale blue background

a adorable conversation print of small red as well as gray tools on a mustard background (not “Welcome to the curtains for my bit boy’s room!” tools, however like those 1930s prints that are so adorable). I want bit hammers as well as screwdrivers as well as hacksaws …

I understand I should just um, discover one more eight hours in the day as well as teach myself textile design, however I haven’t discovered those hours for all the other stuff I requirement eight additional hours for. as well as anyway, while looking for those materials that don’t exist, I discovered this as well as this (and this as well as this one), as well as they’re all truly nice! (Although I only bought one …)

What’s the most heart-stoppingly gorgeous material you’ve discovered recently? (I’m asking for a friend.)


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