Frequently Asked Questions
What is CEC Community Solar?
Clean Energy Collective community solar enables you to own solar panels in a centralized, community-based array. As your panels produce clean electricity, you receive credits directly on your monthly electric bills for the power produced. By owning a solar power system in a community array, you can reduce or eliminate your electric bills, protect against rising prices, and experience monthly savings in place of a monthly expense.
What am I purchasing?
You are purchasing and owning specific solar panels that will be mounted in the Kit Carson Cooperative Community Solar Array that is operated and maintained by Clean Energy Collective.
How much does it cost?
Our starting price for most KCEC customers is $3.60/watt or $845 per 235-watt panel. Please call CEC so we can propose system that fits your energy needs.
Is financing available?
Yes. If you want to maximize your savings right from the start to offset your entire electric bill, then the Sooper Credit Union's Clean Energy Loan Program is for you. The Clean Energy Loan Program the first low-cost, long-term loan program designed exclusively for Clean Energy Collective customers. Click here to read more about CEC's financing options.
Do customers need to own a home or building to participate?
No. This is one of the many benefits of owning solar with Kit Carson Cooperative Community Solar. Anyone with a KCEC electric bill is eligible to purchase solar panels, including homeowners, businesses, renters, lessees, community organizations, etc.
Do I have to file apply for rebates or file with the IRS tax credits?
No. CEC takes care of everything so that you don't have the hassle of filling out tax credit forms or rebate applications. CEC takes advantage of the rebates and tax credits, passing on the savings to you for a hassle-free experience, year after year. Most importantly you won't have to come up with the additional out-of-pocket costs and then wait around for your rebate and tax credits to come back to you.
Will I have to pay additional fees in the future?
No. All of the insurance, management and maintenance for the systems are included in the initial sales price and escrow program. As a customer you will not have to pay any additional out of pocket fees.
Can I buy more watts later?
Absolutely. At any time, CEC customers may purchase as many panels as it takes to offset their KCEC energy bills.
What happens if I move?
Customers may:
  • Transfer your ownership to your new KCEC account
  • Resell your ownership at a fair market value
  • Donate your ownership to a local non-profit
  • Gift your system to a family member
How is the credit to my monthly utility bill determined?
Due to the fact that your solar panels are part of an array that shares one production meter, your bill will be credited back at a pro-rata share of the entire array's production.
How can I monitor my panels' performance?
As a CEC customer, you can log on to your My Own Clean Energy account via the CEC website and smartphone app. There you can see your system's information, review your customer documents, and access real-time information about your portion of the array's production, bill credits, and positive environmental impact.
How can customers pay for their ownership in the CEC?
The CEC accepts cash, checks, and credit cards.